Monday, 29 December 2014

What's the best way to lose weight?

Undoubtedly, the number one question I get asked these days is:

What's the best way to lose weight?

The other one is how to get rid of a cold/stuffy nose/blocked ears.

I can answer both of these questions with ease.  Chances are, you might well have the knowledge yourself too.  Although why haven't you applied it? 

Same reason as all of us.  Choice.  We have chosen not to.

Don't get me wrong,  I know we decide to give it a go....tomorrow.

Then tomorrow comes and what happens?  We chose the biscuits, the cake, the chocolate.  Simply because it's Christmas/birthday/I've been good/ I've been stressed/I deserve it.

You deserve the very best in life.  What is that?  If you desire to be healthy, then you need to start making the choices that coincide with your decisions.  This is the tricky part.  
So often, you need someone or something to hold you accountable.  That wedding dress you want to fit into, or that motivating person to tell you how great you are doing or to lift you once again when you are down.

Ultimately, the choices have to come from within you. If you really want to do this and can get all the tools you need to make the changes, you can get there!

Starting Monday 5th January, I will be opening my doors and my email inbox to you.  
At a very affordable price, I will be starting a 12 week course to get a healthier and happier new you.

Click this link for booking info 

There is no registration fee or booking fee unlike most.  There is a one off payment with the online course which calculates to just over £3 per week.  If you come along to our group in Kent, UK you will pay £4. 

Online, you pay for the full 12 weeks at just £40 for the whole 12 weeks.  This gives your commitment to yourself to help motivate and inspire you to keep going.  

Within the 12 weeks it would be quite achievable to expect to lose 2 stone.  Yes, a whopping 28 lbs if you stick to the advice I give you.  
So, before Easter, how would you like to be 2 stone down?

As well as losing those 2 stone, you could keep eating and not feel deprived
* Lower unhealthy blood pressure
* Lower bad cholesterol
* Learn to eat healthily in a way that is sustainable and fits in with life
* Find a renewed self confidence
* Get back in front of the camera again
* Want to wear old clothes that you haven't worn for ages
* Stop avoiding people who you would rather not see you with your weight gain
* Sleep better at night, knowing you are healthier
* Achieve goals you set for yourself in 2015
* Lower your risk of cancer, heart attack and stroke

What will you get?

It's important to keep track of all that you are consuming within your day.  I will point you to free apps and tools that can help you do this, simply by scanning in a bar code.

I will work out what a healthy weight would be for you.

Set a mini goal to get you kick started.

Support and guide you, through emails weekly.  Personalised and answering your questions.

A positive approach without wrapping you in cotton wool or without bully tactics.  Understanding, care and professionalism.

Be held accountable each week which will help you keep focused and on track.

Nutritional emails weekly with tips, recipes and advice for basic health needs that we so often all miss.

What you need to do

Weigh in on which day suits you best, I suggest a Monday.

Email me your weight.  The first week I need your height and gender too.

Email any questions, worries or concerns you have or you include lots of exclamation marks when you are really pleased!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep track of all you eat and drink on the recommended app.

Sign up on Eventbrite and pay the one off fee of £40 then no need to worry until April.  

If you wanted to get some one to one consultancy without the commitment then this is something else you can do too.  Either using Skype or email if you prefer.  See here for more information: One to one coaching. 

Which ever way you decide to make these changes for your body, do make them.  I will be.  My body deserves to be treated better to function at optimal health.  Are you onboard with me?


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Want more protein from your meat?

Have you ever cooked a piece of meat, say a chicken breast or slice of bacon, and notice how it reduces in size? It then ends up boiling in a liquid that you definitely haven't added. 

Well, perhaps the meat you bought had added stuff, like water, in it. 
So, the mass of the meat (overall weight) will be less in the way of good nutrition like protein. 

If you are building muscle mass, eating healthily or simply trying to aid satiety (feeling fuller for longer) to help weight loss, you need to pay close attention. 

There is a way to increase your protein without increasing the cost. 

Mixing with some very experienced professionals on my dietetics training, I have learned about a company called
I've ordered from them and have so far been VERY impressed. I'd suggest you take a look. I often bleat on about coconut oil from my favourite supplier Coconoil and musclefood can even supply me with that. 
Nuts by the load...great for making your own almond milk (no added sugars!) and the list goes on. 

It's shockingly cheaper than the supermarkets and delivered to your door!
I'd suggest you check out the website and should you decide to order, enter this code for 4 FREE chicken breasts :

Let me know how your first order goes!*

Find me on twitter: @louiseusher
See this post? The best way to lose weight.


Monday, 13 October 2014

The best way to lose weight

This is a question asked by many over and over.  How do I lose weight successfully?

Every magazine you see on the shelves seems to have the answer.  So you buy it, apply the methods, lose a bit of weight then carry on eating in the same patterns that made you gain the weight in the first place.  


Ok, so this post is to help you make the first step.

What is the first step?  This is going to sound easy and insulting..

Decide that you want to lose weight.  

Let nothing stop you.  Let nothing get in your way.  Make the decision and stick to it.  

If you are a person always making excuses and looking for the magic answer then try stopping that for a while. 

Fads and 'diets' seem to be a quick fix which is so tempting.  Especially when you have left it to the very last minute to try and squeeze into that dress.  
Are you nodding in agreement?

Have you been trying to search for a reason that despite not eating much, you are still gaining loads of weight.  Perhaps you work hard at the gym and still nothing is working. 

I have tried it all.  I've also seen my clients try it all.  Only one way works.  It's very old fashioned and you might not like it when I tell you that there is no magic pill that will allow you to wake suddenly and be that perfect size 10.  

Calories in needs to be less than calories out.

You need to get moving.  Get the lymph system taking out the junk, toxins and all the other 'stuff' that causes your body to under perform.

A long term approach is the one that works.  Without deprivation. If you feel deprived you will be feeling negative.  Negative feelings will encourage you to quit.

However,  here is the good news.

Nutritional experts encourage treats!!!

Yes, thats right.  If you apply the 80/20 rule,  you can have treats.

So,  what is the 80/20 rule?

This is where for 80% of the time you will eat nutritionally balanced meals.  And enough of them (and frequently enough) to make your body burn energy effectively, but also under your output of calories.

For 20% of the time,  you are able to eat 'treats'.  Those things you go without when you are on a crash diet.  

If you follow this rule for several weeks, you will be amazed at the difference you see in your heath and fitness levels, and in the numbers on the scales!

Let me know your stories of weight loss and successes.  
Do you have a Youtube channel where you share your stories?  I can pop a link on this blog for you to encourage others.

Personally, I love to recommend to all my clients that they download an app called My fitness pal.  This will calculate your perfect calorie intake for you and you can keep track of everything you eat on there too.  You can even set goals and congratulate yourself when you meet those goals.

Good luck!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Super foods


Friday, 19 September 2014

Is it really all about calories?

 So often,  we take conflicting advice.  It's tricky to know if it really is all about energy in = energy out.

Will creating a calorie deficit really help you lose weight?

Or is it something else?

After several years of watching videos, reading books and journals,  I have drawn the conclusion that it is in fact all about energy.  
We have lots of information about energy dense food these days.  Another blog will follow about this.  But in this blog, the question is,  will creating a calorie deficit really enable you to lose weight?

Some believe the following the Atkins diet is better.   Cutting out the carbohydrates.  What actually happens while on this diet may surprise you.  By eating more protein - you feel fuller for longer.  This will keep you satisfied and less hungry for quite some time.  Also,  not having such great sugar crashes after refined carbohydrates.  In return,  you will consume less calories and create an energy deficit.

Alongside this,  there is also a mental shift that you can actually still have foods which may be banned on other 'diets' and therefore lets you believe you are not in a diet mentality and feeling more positive which is likely to keep your attention longer and prevent 'throwing in the towel'.

So my suggestion which I share will all my clients is this:  Download the free app called and enter your details.  Simply, this gives you a daily allowance of calories which creates a healthy deficit for you.  You can track your food intake on your phone throughout the day and watch the excess fat burn off at a healthy rate of approximately 2lb per week.  You will be safe in the knowledge that this will be excess fat rathe than water weight or muscle mass.

Wishing you the very best of health.


Monday, 8 September 2014

How a client left me exhausted

As promised from the last blog,  I am going to share with you the mentality of weight loss clients who are very hard to 
  1. Believe
  2. Change their mentality
  3. Help to lose weight

Just last week, I saw a client who was morbidly obese.  She was a wonderful lady and took great care in her appearance.  From this, I concluded that surely, weight loss would be of importance to her.  As she sat in my chair which was difficult for her,  she began to tell me all the best ways you can lose weight.  I sat for a few minutes in awe of her wonderful advice.  She certainly knew a few things.  yet, many she got wrong.

You must eat 3 meals a day. Or even 6 smaller ones.

Is this right?  Well,  you must consistently fuel the body in order to keep the metabolism active and stop it from becoming sluggish.  Not too sure about 6 meals.  That one is open for abuse by many clients who would eat 6 dinner type meals each day.  That’s not the idea.

Then she proceeded to tell me how she doesn’t eat much.

This is a trap that many overweight clients fall into.  Often they will not eat all day but consume more than their calorie allowance just before bed.  This lady however was different.  It took a good 5 minutes of justification for her to let me know why she made her bacon sandwich with 3 slices of bread instead of the usual 2 for breakfast.  This suggests she is in denial.  As many clients are.  

There is always a reason that the ‘cutting down’ starts tomorrow.

Then, after ‘trying everything’ they give up because they are over 50 now and it gets harder so they might as well stay like that.  I get frustrated.  I want to remind this lady that she will live longer and healthier if she loses weight now.  Giving up is like not going on holiday as you are waiting to die.

Chances are they haven’t tried everything.  If you create a calorie deficit for a period of time,  you will lose weight.  Assuming no other health issues such as thyroid.  This can easily be checked by the doctor.

There are any ways to get help to lose weight.  See your GP and ask for referral to a dietitian.  This can sometimes have a waiting list,  so you could invest in some private consultations if you prefer.  GP can also now prescribe you a number of weeks at a weight loss group.  

Yet all of this said,  the work of losing weight is all down to you.  People like me can help, for sure, but it does come down to you wanting it bad enough that you will not only try but you will do everything it takes to succeed.  Sometimes people say it can be really hard.  I have a few tips up my sleeve which can help you.  Feel free to email me to find out more for free and also follow this blog.

You will be surprised to find that it can be as easy as keeping a log of what you eat and you can still have some treats too.  Want to know more?


Friday, 5 September 2014

How food can change your body shape

How food can change your body shape

This might surprise some of you reading this.  There are many people who don’t understand that what they eat can change the weight and shape of their body.

A few years ago I worked for a world wide weight loss company and it never ceased to amaze me how many new members would join and not understand how they came to gain weight in the first place.  Educating those members was actually the easy bit. One lady asked me,

“So, if I change the way I eat, I could actually lose weight?”

Aha moment.  Yes I explained to her the advantages of why you should be at a healthy weight and all, including moving more and getting around from A to B just that little bit faster might all help.  So in other words

Calories in should be less than calories out and there you will see an energy deficit.  This will allow you to tap into energy reserves which have been stored as fat.  Hence losing weight and also creating a leaner body mass in the long run.

Can you guess the members who were the tricky ones to educate?  Sign up to this blog to find out in the next blog where I will tell you the flabbergasting facts of a client who left me feeling exhausted.


Monday, 1 September 2014

Food allergy or intolerance?

You want to understand the difference between a food allergy and a food intolerance?

The best way for me to understand it might help you too.  A food allergy is something you really can't live with.  Sometimes there may be more extreme reactions although not always.  An allergy to something means your body is going to attack as if a foreign object is in your body often creating an immune response.

As an example, if you are allergic to gluten - and you eat it - the body will begin the attack process needed to deal with it.  
However,  if you have an intolerance to gluten this process won't happen.  

What does happen with an intolerance?

You can feel sluggish,  bloated,  tired,  not have proper bowel movements.  There are many symptoms you could find.  The body simply does not function as it should if you are eating a food to which you are intolerant.  

There have been many theories on this.  It's suggested that you need to eat what you direct ancestors ate in the Blood grouping diet.
Eat right for your type in Amazon

Other readers of my blog have found the theories in this book have been a massive help too - the Optimum Nutrition Bible.
Optimum Nutrition Bible on amazon

Although I do think there are foods which suit us and foods which don't,  the best way to find out is to keep a food journal and to begin the elimination diet which can help you to listen to the body and adjust what you need to adjust to make your health feel better. 

Something that is important to understand is that the body is a complex tool and these days we are finding it a struggle to give it what it needs.  Keep the body moving to keep the lymph system flowing and detox,  don't eat food loaded with chemicals,  try and keep a balanced diet....the list goes on.

One rule to take away just for today is to start listening more to the body.  You will find a massive help there just with that one change alone.

Wishing you the very best of health.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Are carbs the enemy?

So if you've been watching your carb intake,  you might be noticing differences and changes in your body.

Some will be changes you want,  some won't.

Carbohydrates are a source of energy provider for the body.  When we eat carbs,  we convert them into a useful energy which we can then burn throughout our day.  Maybe you already know that.  Ok, so what happens when you eat less carbs?

On occasion,  you might initially drop some extra water you have been hanging onto.  This isn't a bad thing.  Keep an  eye on your fluid intake and just make sure you are hydrated at all times.

Folks who eat very low carb diets (VLC) can sometimes put the body into a state of "Ketosis".  This means that there are no stores of sugar for energy in the body and you will be burning fat reserves to use for energy.  During this transition,  you often find that there will be a lull in energy before a spike.

Ancient times showed us that occasionally,  fasting (and hence getting into Ketosis) can aid the body with repair,  digestion and just give it a good old break.  Also,  many individuals report that illnesses such as Epilepsy can find relief of symptoms from keeping the body in Ketosis.

So when are carbs a good thing?

If you have no extra fat to burn and use as an energy supply,  you will need to ingest more energy in the form of carbs.  Without this,  you could create more issues as the body looks elsewhere for energy such as the muscles and eventually,  your organs.

Carbs are not the enemy in my opinion.  Overeating can be and folks often get the two confused.

What are carbs?

Very often,  clients speak to me about carbs.  They think they are things like bread,  doughnuts and outer dough made items.  Often these items have yeast added too which can cause issues for those intolerant of yeast and if bloating issues arise,  carbs get blamed when in fact it may simply be the yeast.

There are healthy carbs too.  It doesn't mean flour.  It means food sugars.  The best way to think of healthy carbs are items with natural sugars such as fruit and honey.

Carbohydrates are a main nutrient that we are designed to eat.  In the right way of course. 
A healthy balance of all nutrients within your best calorie range is what will serve you best.

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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Healthy food haul and juicing

Hello there!

I've been busy in the shopping aisles of Tesco!  Bringing you some foods which you can get on great deals and are pretty healthy.

Let me know your favourites and what helps you!

It's nice to see the prices and know it's possible to eat well for less.

Soon I will be creating more blog posts on cooking tips and tricks for you.  Let me know what you would like to see.


Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Juicing - how to do it!

Finally, a new Youtube video.  I'm so excited to share this video with you.  After many technical issues it seems I've cracked it so please hop over and subscribe to my channel and you can help me to grow this into a lovely way to share the knowledge.

Summer is a fantastic time to get juicing.  So refreshing and hydrating.  Anyway, go ahead and watch the little film and you will see so much more!

Get all your juicing supplies here! 

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Making your latte healthier

These days we all love a nice latte, cappuccino or Americano. It's a trend. A fashion. 

It's yummy. 

Then, there's the guilt. 

Recently, a client asked me, "is coffee really that bad for you?" and proceeded to tell me how she couldn't 'give it up'. 

So, one thing coffee does is affect the acid/alkaline balance in your body. To help with this, a simple glass of water with a slice of lemon will help readdress the balance and pop the body back into a healthier alkaline state. 

Marks and Spencer offer free lemon water in coffee shops. Well done M and S for knowing this fact. 

Any water will help though as that will rehydrate. The coffee alone acts as a dueretic which can help you become dehydrated. 

Small things really do help. 

Monday, 28 July 2014

How's the 'diet' working for you?

Are you on a diet? It's such a massive subject isn't it!

There seems to be a 'pull' in the direction of wanting to get slim and 'going on a diet'.

We see all over the magazines that we could lose a stack of weight in just a week and still get all fired up to try it.  Yet we still seem to be ignoring the fact that....


And here's why.  

Now I realise this is bad news for most of us as we just want a little bit of magic in our lives to make us feel better, slimmer, more energetic.... but it's a change for life that we need.  Not a quick fix.

How many friends do you hear talking about their recent slimmers diet and they say, "as soon as you start eating normally again it all just goes straight back on."

If you want to know the reason for this, read on...

It's not so much that the weight goes straight back on or as some say 'clings to me as I've been starving myself' or whatever crazy excuse they come up with,  it's because of this:

The reason the person, or you, needed a slimming diet in the first place is because something was going wrong with your everyday diet.  Too many calories, too much junk food.  Likely just too much.  So,  as soon as you start eating too much once again,  you will gain weight.  Now there are theories behind this such as it slows your metabolism and so you end up storing more fat.

Hmm, a possibility.

Although I suspect far more than that it's simply that you have not changed any habits whatsoever.  Which is the HARD bit.  Things are so tasty out there and we are in a lovely social fashion of going out for coffee and a cake and it gets very tempting.  I recognise this too.  However..... changes need to be made in order to sustain a new you.  This starts from day one and must follow right through until after you get your ideal body.  Yes... that's right,  it's a life change.

Now no need to thank me for sharing this information with you for you see while you might want to click off from the truth in favour of a quick one week diet and then back to eating what caused the unhappiness in the first place,  you need to listen up about the 80/20 rule.

The 80/20 rule

Ok so here's the really good news.

You don't need to be an angel.  You can still have what you call 'treats'.

If you eat healthily for 80% of the time (be honest with yourself) then you will be fine to eat other things for 20% of the time.  This will only work if this is always the way you do it and only if you do it for good.

Accepting this is the first part of the mindset for you.  Diets, slimming and health are all about balance, mindset and motivation.  If you would like to know more I will be addressing lots of this on the blog here so make sure you sign up.  

Feel free to email me any questions you have and I will be addressing these over on my Youtube channel later on.  

Wishing you the very best of health.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Nutrition advice - Youtube channel

Hey folks

Here's the thing.  I need your help really.  I am in the throws of designing and updating my Youtube channel.  This is the channel which relates directly to the stuff I talk about on this blog.

I did wonder if I should begin just adding the new videos to the Youtube channel I already own which is gaining in subscribers.  Although having learned the marketing tools stuff I took the decision to keep the two separate.  There are a couple of videos over there which may make you chuckle just now but to be honest, it needs some TLC and I have been creating new videos which are not uploaded just yet.

Please be so kind as to hop over to there and subscribe to my new channel as this will motivate me highly to get these new videos up there for my new subscribers to see.

Thanks so much.  Let me know what type of videos you would like to see.  I'm a bit of an expert at cooking for the SCD diet to help intestinal issues so come on over and tell me what more I can help you with.

As a gift for you,  I totally recommend this FREE SCD lifestyle ebook to get you started on your way into health.  It breaks things down so easily for you to understand.  Click below to claim your free book.

SCD Lifestyle E-Book (Free Guide)

Monday, 21 July 2014

Ever ask "How did I get to be so big?"

You wouldn't be alone if you almost feel as though one day you woke up and suddenly had gained a load of weight.

"How did this happen?"

"When did this start?"

"How did this start?"

And you keep on looking in the mirror,  disliking what you see and beating yourself up about it.  Sound familiar?

Right now stop right there.  I see people morbidly obese walking with a struggle in town,  trying to get around.  With cruelty some people tut and say "How can they let themselves get like that?"
Well chances are,  they didn't.

We don't just end up like that do we.  Realistically. 

If we gain weight,  it's because we have eaten too many calories on one occasion.  The scales reflect a 1lb gain.
"Oh well, I'll get that off again this week."
Then another day we do the same.  So on goes another pound, then another and another.  Before you know it, you've gained a stone.  Exactly the same way everyone gains weight.  Bit by bit.

It was not your intention to become overweight.  Nor could you see it happening despite the chance that you decided to get a grip on it with that first 1lb gain.  Nor could anyone.

So it's happened.  So what is likely to happen next?

Well,  you come to a cross roads.

Now you need to make a decision.

Do you change your habits or do you carry on gaining at one pound per time?

Changing your habits means eating differently,  thinking consciously about what is going into your system.  And watching the scales go pound at a time.

That's right.  Let's be real yet encouraging.  You can lose weight.  You will likely lose it faster than you gained it if you are really focused.  Yet you are not going to make the decision and then wake up the following day to see a suddenly slim you,  no more than you woke up overweight.

So make a decision to go on a journey and begin to respect your body more. 
* You will feel better,  
* you will look better, 
* have more energy
* Reduce the chances of illness
* Likely live much longer and spending precious time with your loved ones.

So,  you want to make this happen?

Want to know how?  Sign up with this blog for lots of tips,  feel free to get in touch with me to ask your questions.

Twitter: @louiseusher


Thursday, 17 July 2014

Pizza Hut does gluten free

I'm more than thrilled to announce that I've just discovered Pizza Hut does gluten free dough!

Perhaps I'm behind the times here as it was approximately 6 years since I've been out for Pizza. Just before my coeliac blood test. 

Fully prepared to treat my daughter to a pizza while I ate salad, we looked at the menu with excitement as she exclaimed
"Mum they do gluten free!!!"

I had no idea and HAD to take a couple of photos to show my lovely blog audience!

While Pizza shouldn't be an every day menu item, it's great to know the option is there for those avoiding the usual wheat based dough. 

Also, if you are a student with an NUS extra card, like me, they will give you 25% off the bill!

Well done Pizza Hut! Service was great too. 


Monday, 14 July 2014

Healthy and simple flavoured water!

This heat wave we are enjoying in the UK is amazing! It's important to keep hydrated for so many reasons. Yet lots of us find plain water is a bit like hard work.

For some reason, it seems easier chilled in a water bottle. Some folks try this approach. I have a new idea for you. 

Filter your water in the usual way to remove toxins. 

Find a gorgeous "blog friendly" bottle and fill with your fruit or herb of choice and simply top up with water. The infusion gets your taste buds going as well as adding the goodness of the ingredients. 

My favourite is lemon and mint. Which is your favourite?


Saturday, 12 July 2014

The best way to chill wine!

So you've a lovely glass of vino. You are looking forward to it very cold...

Although adding Ice will water down the wine. Hmm, solution for you. 

Pop a few grapes in the freezer and let them freeze. Then add them to your glass of wine. No worries about dilution, and a lovely little healthy snack at the bottom of your glass awaits you!


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

What is the 80/20 rule?

Here's the thing.  When I posted this photo on my social media,  so many readers had a big AHA moment.

Amazing statement.  One lovely lady, Yvonne, suggested people fail on typical diets as they don't feel they can have a treat.  This is what is an issue with 'diets' that you 'go on' for a quick fix.  Really, there needs to be a life change.

That sounds so off putting and frightening.  Which is why there are far better sales in:
"lose a stone in a week" type of marketing.  However this isn't looking at your health as a whole and won't make you feel better in the long term.

So what can you do if you have the motivation and the wish to make a long term life change?

Well, many health gurus are sick and tired of the "Food Police" chasing them around when they are out at a restaurant with the family.  Even these heroic types can have a 'moment' from time to time.

It's not falling off the wagon.  Nor is it a treat.  Forgive me if I slip up in my Youtube and call it a treat! What is the best thing to do?

As the title suggests, there is an 80/20 rule.  Which means that for 20% of the time you can be more relaxed in your healthy eating.  This will not throw your diet off completely.  Although you really should exercise some caution when you are using your 20% and use common sense.  
Generally though,  using your 20% will be a sure way of keeping you motivated and on track without doing damage to your hard work on the 80% times.

Have you tried this approach?  Let me know in the comments below what has worked for you in the past.

Please feel free to subscribe to the list to get more updates like this!

Wishing you the best of health


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Friday, 27 June 2014

Obesity and Sugar - the latest news!

Great news!

Fantastic news in fact.

Yesterday, the BBC reported that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has called for us to halve our daily sugar intake.  This includes added sugar, plus fruit juice and honey. 

If we reduce our intake to 5%of energy intake we will be lowering risks to health including diabetes and obesity.

What is 5%?

5% of energy intake from free sugars amounts to 25g for ladies (which is roughly 5-6 teaspoons) and 35g for men (7-8 teaspoons).  So a can of pop 330ml will use up all of that allowance.

Sound like bad news?

Well if you think this is bad news, it's not.  We need to stop the obesity epidemic and many people have found that traditional 'diets' just don't work for them  Often they may contain far too much sugar in the diet.  Reducing this will take us back to a more natural diet which we were originally designed to eat!

Tax on Sugar?

I don't think putting extra tax on sugar will stop people from consuming it.  They will just find extra money from perhaps another healthier resource.  Maybe its a good idea for local farmers to sell healthy local produce at a more competitive price and we can support their business while they support our healthy eating habits.

I'm thrilled that this news has been sent to us from the BBC (see the page here) and really hope that folks begin to listen to this news.  It's a great start to fighting the obesity epidemic and if you see my Youtube video you will see my views on how we have been getting it wrong with the advice of a low fat diet.

Wishing you the best of health and a lovely day


Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Gluten free pancake recipe

So we are all becoming more and more aware of the sensitivities gluten can cause for certain people and many are following a diet according to this. Myself included.

I tried out a recipe for breakfast yesterday which was so delicious I felt I must share it with you. 
This is so simple and takes very little time indeed. Very soon I will pop a YouTube video up for you (go here and subscribe in preparation). 

2 eggs
100g ground almonds (sometimes called almond flour)
Dash of milk or water to create a runny consistency. 

The local farmers eggs are the best to use!
I'll write another blog to explain why!

Pop the ground almonds into a bowl or dish

Add your eggs straight in. 

Add the milk straight on top!
Give it all a really good whisk until the mixture is smooth. 

Pop a tiny drizzle of extra virgin olive oil into the pan. 

Get the pan really hot. You can drizzle one drop of pancake mix in to see if it starts to sizzle. 

Ladle the mix into the hot pan and cook until it easily moves from the bottom of the pan. 

When it's golden, flip the pancake and cook the other side. The second side needs only half the time. 

As these are so healthy for children too, a sprinkle of sugar and honey will encourage all the goodness goes down happily :)

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Louise xoxox


Friday, 20 June 2014

Welcome to a new you!

So you found yourself on my blog.  


Welcome to a Lusher Life Nutrition.  This is a brand new blog which will share tips of healthy ways of life through nutrition.  Let me know what you would like to see. 


Videos with 'how to'

Tips on healthy eating

How to help your health through nutrition

Weight management

And whatever more you care to request.  Please feel free to get in
touch via my email and send me 
any questions you have.  

As well as the free tips you will get on this blog and my Youtube channel, there will also be a consultancy service.  This can be booked in person or online,  it's really up to you.  If you need motivation to lose weight or if you are struggling with health issues and would like to get well again, I can help with all nutritional therapy issues.  

You will see that through my blog we are not talking about diets,  yet rather tweaking how you eat and live as an ongoing lifestyle change.  This will see you living longer and being able to keep fitter late into life.  Let's face it,  this is what we all desire really don't we.  So many of my clients tell me,  
"It's not that I mind getting older, I just don't want to be unwell."

As a very realistic person, I do understand that there are so many tasty treats out there these days which tempt us to eat them.  However,  often you can still incorporate these treats and just make tweaks and adjustments which will give you a healthier option.  

Having intestinal issues myself,  I have experienced first hand exactly what a difference nutrition can make in your life.  Doctors were baffled when I managed to avoid surgery and strong medication just through using the power of nutrition.   I say 'just' - this wasn't easy of course and nature gives us all the tools we need to be able to create the health we desire and deserve!

I know that you want to make changes.  I also know that you have tried to go it alone.  Neither of these need to stop you getting the energy you dream of to go ahead and create the life of your dreams.

I will be offering 2 free consultations every month for those who feel they cannot afford to pay for a private consultation and therefore if you know of someone who is in need please tell them to get in touch.  For everyone else,  please see the pages on this website detailing all you need to know.

Wishing you the very best in health

Louise xoxo
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