Friday, 5 September 2014

How food can change your body shape

How food can change your body shape

This might surprise some of you reading this.  There are many people who don’t understand that what they eat can change the weight and shape of their body.

A few years ago I worked for a world wide weight loss company and it never ceased to amaze me how many new members would join and not understand how they came to gain weight in the first place.  Educating those members was actually the easy bit. One lady asked me,

“So, if I change the way I eat, I could actually lose weight?”

Aha moment.  Yes I explained to her the advantages of why you should be at a healthy weight and all, including moving more and getting around from A to B just that little bit faster might all help.  So in other words

Calories in should be less than calories out and there you will see an energy deficit.  This will allow you to tap into energy reserves which have been stored as fat.  Hence losing weight and also creating a leaner body mass in the long run.

Can you guess the members who were the tricky ones to educate?  Sign up to this blog to find out in the next blog where I will tell you the flabbergasting facts of a client who left me feeling exhausted.


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