Sunday, 30 August 2015

Eating badly; feeling awful

Family celebrations,  poor excuses,  life,  bad day at work... what is your reason to eat badly?

Yesterday,  we were celebrating in my family.  Despite the fact of keeping a gluten free approach (with special cupcakes from Lolas) and choosing a 'proper dinner' in the local Brewers Fayre I still ended up feeling rubbish.

Tummy ache, heart flutters,  general overwhelming tiredness.

Is it just me?  And my issues with Crohns disease?  I'm not sure if it was that or just that my symptoms have been overly exaggerated recently due to my clean eating and intermittent fasting.  Either way,  I am feeling super inspired today to eat better and eat the way that my body is screaming out for me to eat!

Perhaps there is an element of me that wanted to indulge due to the looming colonoscopy on Tuesday.  I don't think so, I think it was about making bad choices and ending up paying sorely for it overnight!

While I have tried so hard to give myself a break (guessing that university is going to educate me into avoiding exclusion diets) and even writing a book about "Lightening up" I still find that I have that belief in me where I really do feel better for eating better!

What about you?  Have you had a day recently that has motivated you into wanting to change things?

Get in touch,  let me know!

This weeks Podcast will have me talking about what I need to eat prior to a colonoscopy.  Come over and subscribe.

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Monday, 24 August 2015

Have you seen my Youtube channel?

Hey folks

After my last post getting so many views, I would love to share more on this blog with you! Let me know what you love to see!

Over the course of the next couple of months I would love to share more with you over on my youtube channel.  I just uploaded a lovely recipe for you to see here!

Protein powder chocolate and strawberry smoothie

Did you know, I have also begun a podcast?  More to come on the next blog here but meanwhile, here is the link!

It's titled Autoimmune diet and me.  It's a way I try to live with my nutrition and it really helps!

Meanwhile, wishing you the very best of health


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