Advertising and Press

Thanks for your interest in advertising with Lusher Life. Your business is offered very unique opportunities to expand your exposure and grow your brand.
Many options of advertisement are available including:
Sponsored Guest Posts – If your corporation would like to sponsor a guest post relevant to the vision for Lusher Life Nutrition, you can submit your idea to Louise by emailing
Giveaways and Product Reviews — These are done on a very limited basis for products. Can also be promoted over on Youtube.
Public Speaking – Want something special for your event?
Pitch Your Idea – If you are interested in working with Louise on another project, feel free to share your idea.
Ad Placement – Space is available in several locations for ad placement. If you are a blogger or a small business, speak to us too!
You can receive a greater return on your investment by bundling several options together. Popular bundles include:
Social Media Pack (social media mentions, and selective pinning)

Have an idea? Tell us. Need an idea? Ask us!
Ask for our media kit by emailing me.

A few of my reviews:
“I am in the middle of a true transformation thanks to Louise. I have lost 22 lbs with her help and there is more coming off. In all of this great weight loss whenever I have an off day or two she ‘resets’ me and guides me right back into the right direction. Plus I am motivated to train and train and train for my upcoming first marathon run.”
“Louise is extremely knowledgeable at fitness, health and the motivation to help people transform their bodies and their lives!!”
“I am so glad to have found this great motivator and coach because she really knows her stuff. I am on a roll with weight loss. Extremely effective!”
“Top notch coach and motivator. I am losing substantial weight every week and getting so much more fit. I haven’t felt this healthy for quite some time.”
“Louise is a genuine person that really wants to make a positive difference for people. Thanks Louise!”
“Amazing!! This wonderful lady has changed my life for the better. With her help and support i have learnt so much about my stomach problems and with her useful knowledge and friendly advice this has helped me to control it. Such a friendly service felt very comfortable and in safe hands. Nice to have advice from somebody that really knows what they are talking about. Thank you i am truly grateful. Highly recommend. ”

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