Sunday, 9 October 2016

Triggers of autoimmune symptoms

Making no apologies for my selfish passion in researching autoimmune illness, I find myself stumbling over papers that I feel you may be interested in too.

As a crohns disease patient who is pretty well these days,  I still find myself aiming to get to the bottom of many other issues that lurk just under the barrier of health for me.

What is autoimmune illness?

The body can have a response to itself abnormally.  Causing damage and symptoms.
While we can currently list at least 80 types of autoimmune diseases, this is a growing list.
Here are some of the better known diseases:

Ulcerative colitis
Crohns disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Type 1 diabetes
Rhumatoid arthritis
Coeliac disease

We also experience may symptoms of the disease which are not the disease itself. Such as gastritis or chronic fatigue syndrome.

This article lists 12 common triggers of autoimmune illness.  You may not be shocked at many of them but it's good to revise once in a while.

Could food really be responsible?

Can we relieve symptoms by eating specifically for the autoimmune illness?

I believe so yes.  As I undertake research into this hypothesis, I will feed back here on this blog any exciting information or findings I can share with you.

Listen to the podcast here:

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Historical blog - My first week at university

Week 1 of university

Rain, rain and a little more rain. 

Gosh did it rain.  
Such a shame as we had the most amazing welcome planned for us with a beautiful marquee set up on the Pembroke lawn.  Awfully posh.  I felt it sounded just a little Royal.   

Excitedly,  I straightened my hair to its finest smoothness just that morning and was happy to hear that my new found friend Jules has also done the same.  Neither of us with an umbrella. 
Both of us taking cover in the marquee.  Bravely.  As no one else was! 
They were shyly braving the rain!  

Bacon rolls for brunch.  Yum.  Slight issue there with my gluten allergy. I ate just a rasher of bacon.  

Becky sat with me who was another human nutrition student. She was struggling to eat too as she was vegetarian.  Chatting with new friends, all seemed to be going well.  There was so much to take in on this new day.  Imagining this must be what it's like to move into the Big Brother house on channel 5 tv. Everyone getting to know each other while at the same time being on our best behaviour.  Missing my friends from my old university in this week was a huge challenge.  I was so glad Kathy was there. She was a friendly and familiar face from the last university.  
Yet I wished my Muna and Sheyma were here.  My comfort blankets.  That was all. I would have to learn to get along without them.   

The staff we met on this first week all seemed so professional, smart and totally passionate about their subjects and their university.  Buildings all around with beautiful red brick,  steeped in history of days gone by when this was a historic dockyard.  The place is just stunning.  Surrounded by trees and other green life giving forces.  Opening my eyes to see such beauty more and more as I learn details of the science behind life.  I think I'm going to like it here.
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