Thursday, 17 July 2014

Pizza Hut does gluten free

I'm more than thrilled to announce that I've just discovered Pizza Hut does gluten free dough!

Perhaps I'm behind the times here as it was approximately 6 years since I've been out for Pizza. Just before my coeliac blood test. 

Fully prepared to treat my daughter to a pizza while I ate salad, we looked at the menu with excitement as she exclaimed
"Mum they do gluten free!!!"

I had no idea and HAD to take a couple of photos to show my lovely blog audience!

While Pizza shouldn't be an every day menu item, it's great to know the option is there for those avoiding the usual wheat based dough. 

Also, if you are a student with an NUS extra card, like me, they will give you 25% off the bill!

Well done Pizza Hut! Service was great too. 


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