Friday, 19 September 2014

Is it really all about calories?

 So often,  we take conflicting advice.  It's tricky to know if it really is all about energy in = energy out.

Will creating a calorie deficit really help you lose weight?

Or is it something else?

After several years of watching videos, reading books and journals,  I have drawn the conclusion that it is in fact all about energy.  
We have lots of information about energy dense food these days.  Another blog will follow about this.  But in this blog, the question is,  will creating a calorie deficit really enable you to lose weight?

Some believe the following the Atkins diet is better.   Cutting out the carbohydrates.  What actually happens while on this diet may surprise you.  By eating more protein - you feel fuller for longer.  This will keep you satisfied and less hungry for quite some time.  Also,  not having such great sugar crashes after refined carbohydrates.  In return,  you will consume less calories and create an energy deficit.

Alongside this,  there is also a mental shift that you can actually still have foods which may be banned on other 'diets' and therefore lets you believe you are not in a diet mentality and feeling more positive which is likely to keep your attention longer and prevent 'throwing in the towel'.

So my suggestion which I share will all my clients is this:  Download the free app called and enter your details.  Simply, this gives you a daily allowance of calories which creates a healthy deficit for you.  You can track your food intake on your phone throughout the day and watch the excess fat burn off at a healthy rate of approximately 2lb per week.  You will be safe in the knowledge that this will be excess fat rathe than water weight or muscle mass.

Wishing you the very best of health.


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