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Public Speaking, training and corporate
Does your company need to change things regarding staff sickness absence?
As a motivating speaker and trainer, I come along to visit you and speak to the staff.  Approaching with inspiration and goal setting, we can create a forward plan to help get healthier staff in your workforce. Lowering absence and generating a better productivity within your team. Email me for more information.

Coaching for health and weight loss (121, groups, online in person)
Have you or someone you have known been on multiple diets?
Did you regain the weight you lost? How does this make you feel? Like giving up?
“Nothing will work, I’ve tried everything!”
So often, the clients I see say exactly the same as you. Although you can now rest assured you certainly haven’t tried everything. Try not dieting! This is the secret. No more diets! Just lovely, healthy food which will infuse your cells with goodness and nutrition. You will find less cravings and more energy.
Perhaps it’s not weight loss but just more health and vitality you are hoping to achieve.
Either way, read on as I am here to help you.

Looking forward to helping you be an even healthier you!
You got this!
With the beauty of the internet now we are able to coach you no matter where you are in the world. Of course we can also get together and meet up. If you are local to me in Kent, Uk I do hold private sessions too. The cost involved will be discounted for the next 2 years! Every consultation will include a pre assessment which means you can get help to keep a food journal and symptoms attached to this too. I will spend time looking over this before we meet and you can know that the time we get together will be spent concentrating on your needs and the forward plan.
So let’s have a look at the costs.

One to one session coaching all your needs for health through nutrition including journalling:
Half hour = £40
Full hour = £60 (click link to book)
Payments can be made via paypal, or bank transfer.

Every month, I commit to helping 2 clients for a FREE consultation who need private help yet cannot afford the fee. If you know someone who you would like to nominate or even nominate yourself, please email me.

All I ask in return is that the client gives a testimonial which will be used on this website.
Many people find that by eliminating certain foods from their diet, health improves. Many clients have seen success due to food intolerances such as gluten. As an expert on gluten free diets, I have helped others to better health (including myself) and patients can often overcome certain health conditions. If you find yourself with upset tummy there is often a reason which can be resolved easily if you can keep motivated enough to make the changes needed.*
*Please see disclaimer page.  This is not a replacement service for your GP.
Motivation is a big part of the coaching process as without motivation, nothing will begin to happen.

Feel free to ask any questions you have and I will do my best to answer as quickly as possible.
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