Wednesday, 30 December 2015

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Why we need vitamin D at this time of year

Yesterday we saw the shortest day of the year here in the north.  Some celebrate the solstice.
Some chase around for last minute Christmas gifts.

All the while, your dear body is taking care of everything just the best it can.  Renewing cells,  fighting off infections and viruses and protecting you constantly.

What our bodies cannot do is the impossible.

During the months of October and March we simply do not have enough sunshine to help us out properly.


Yes,  we need vitamin D in our bodies and the best way to get this is from the sun.  This might well not be a surprise to you.  You may know this already.  In the summer months we can get a little sunshine each day and naturally make the vitamin D we need.  So what do we do in the winter?

Often, the best way to ensure you don't suffer from a deficiency is to take a Vitamin D supplement*.  You know me, I do like all molecules going into the body to be the best they can be and I have found this little gem which is free from all the stuff I personally need to avoid.

After trying out this product and speaking to my friends at Epsilon life they have given me lots of information about their wonderful product.  If you click below you can see the reviews on Amazon which are pretty impressive I must say.  

As readers of my blog, you can enter LUSHERLIFE at the checkout for an extra cheeky discount code! Spread the word.

So what would taking Vitamin D supplements mean for you?

If you suffer from any of the following, it may be worth visiting your GP to get your vitamin D levels checked.  You might just need a simple supplement which is such a minimal investment in terms of finance and it could make the world of difference.

Fatigue and tiredness.
Muscle cramps and spasms.
Erectile disfunction.
Light headedness.
General aches and pains.

Yes the body is a miracle.  Every time I revisit information on the cell and biochemistry, I am blown away.  While nothing is a substitute for a well balanced diet and doing things 'au natural' we occasionally need some help.

Speaking with Epsilon they gave me this extra information:
  • Epsilon.Life gives a portion of every sale to a Multiple Sclerosis charity
  • We are the highest and best reviewed vitamin products on Our vitamin D has a five star rating and close to 600 reviews.
  • We are a small family run business and provide outstanding customer service to all of our customers
  • All of our products are manufactured and sold exclusively in the UK
  • We focus on selling only a small number of products, that way we can make sure that all of our products are of the best quality
  • Any orders over £15 (with or without a discount) qualifies for free shipping

As I had mentioned, we are happy to offer all of your readers a voucher code giving them £5 off any order. They can use this code on our checkout page to get £5 off any order: LUSHERLIFE

New year is just around the corner (my birthday too!). I know we all like to make health a priority and if you order today, you will be ready to go on January 1st when you feel fresh and new and ready to make a difference to your health and your life.

Of course, I will be here to hold your hand every step of the way!

Wishing you the very best in health

Louise xoxo


Thursday, 17 December 2015

Lusher Life Nutrition: Coaching for health and weight loss

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Monday, 14 December 2015

3 top tips to keep healthy this Christmas

3 Top tips to keep healthy this Christmas time

As you are fully aware, Christmas is upon us and it is typically a time we neglect our health and our bodies.  If you are feeling low, under the weather or just a bit grumpy, chances are you might need a little health boost.

Even though you may have heard these simple tips before,  I am here to remind you!

  1. Drink water!

Yes, I know you know.  But are you drinking or not?  If not why not.  Want a hot drink?  Drink hot water.  
During the winter, the heating is typically on in the house which will have a dehydrating effect on the body.  Without water,  not only will your skin start to look a bit shrivelled but you can’t function the same either.  
Being that the body, and cells, are made up so much of water it makes total sense that we need to keep hydrated.

Drinking more alcohol will need a good flush.  Removing toxins needs a helping hand with water.  Toxins floating around in the body will help you play host to viruses like coughs and colds.

2.  Get some sleep

As we all chase our own tails at Christmas time,  it is easy to forget to get an early night.  Without that extra hour before midnight, it is easy to want to pull up the duvet for an extra 5 minutes. 

You will create dark circles under the eyes, you will stop thinking so sharply and often you will find you don’t function so efficiently.

3.  Eat some vitamin c

Not only will it help you fight off colds and flu (you knew that - right?) but citrus fruits this time of year are delightful.  Well, Satsumas specifically.  The supermarket will sell you a packet from £1-£2 and satsumas make an excellent snack.  Healthy.  Provides you with energy from the natural sugars.

When you pour your drink (alcohol or soft drink) why not add a splice of lemon.

Going for coffee?  Ask for a glass of lemon water.  Coffee will make your body become acidic.  The lemon water gets you back into the favourable alkaline state once again.

Keep healthy, happy and smile lots.

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