Thursday, 31 July 2014

Making your latte healthier

These days we all love a nice latte, cappuccino or Americano. It's a trend. A fashion. 

It's yummy. 

Then, there's the guilt. 

Recently, a client asked me, "is coffee really that bad for you?" and proceeded to tell me how she couldn't 'give it up'. 

So, one thing coffee does is affect the acid/alkaline balance in your body. To help with this, a simple glass of water with a slice of lemon will help readdress the balance and pop the body back into a healthier alkaline state. 

Marks and Spencer offer free lemon water in coffee shops. Well done M and S for knowing this fact. 

Any water will help though as that will rehydrate. The coffee alone acts as a dueretic which can help you become dehydrated. 

Small things really do help. 

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