Friday, 27 June 2014

Obesity and Sugar - the latest news!

Great news!

Fantastic news in fact.

Yesterday, the BBC reported that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has called for us to halve our daily sugar intake.  This includes added sugar, plus fruit juice and honey. 

If we reduce our intake to 5%of energy intake we will be lowering risks to health including diabetes and obesity.

What is 5%?

5% of energy intake from free sugars amounts to 25g for ladies (which is roughly 5-6 teaspoons) and 35g for men (7-8 teaspoons).  So a can of pop 330ml will use up all of that allowance.

Sound like bad news?

Well if you think this is bad news, it's not.  We need to stop the obesity epidemic and many people have found that traditional 'diets' just don't work for them  Often they may contain far too much sugar in the diet.  Reducing this will take us back to a more natural diet which we were originally designed to eat!

Tax on Sugar?

I don't think putting extra tax on sugar will stop people from consuming it.  They will just find extra money from perhaps another healthier resource.  Maybe its a good idea for local farmers to sell healthy local produce at a more competitive price and we can support their business while they support our healthy eating habits.

I'm thrilled that this news has been sent to us from the BBC (see the page here) and really hope that folks begin to listen to this news.  It's a great start to fighting the obesity epidemic and if you see my Youtube video you will see my views on how we have been getting it wrong with the advice of a low fat diet.

Wishing you the best of health and a lovely day


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