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As a previous Chef, it was my dream to help others into health as I had found myself (see My story, below) through nutrition.
Finding my voice as a public speaker and realising that others found me motivational, I had to step up and do something.
Then came the realisation that with the power of the internet at my fingertips, I could reach out to so many others who needed help from nutritionists like me.
Your support as you read this blog helps me into keeping my story alive which will help others and motivate them into better health.  Thank you.
Over on my youtube channel you can come along and be a part of the buzz. You also can have a look over on my ‘work with me’ page to find out how you can get one to one help.  Of course there is plenty of free information here and on my Youtube channel which you are very welcome to have a look over.

My story:
Undertaking a Human Nutrition BSc (hons) degree is a life long ambition. So as well as working and being mum, I’m currently at full-time university which I am loving!
After being a poorly child, I decided upon leaving school I wanted to become a dietitian.  However, school felt that back in the 1980’s there was little chance of career progression.  Instead, I opted to still use my food qualifications and go to catering college and the next 3 years saw me qualify as a chef. A wonderful career within the hospitality industry followed and within 3 years I was working as a manager and climbing the ladder.  Before I was 30 I was operations manger with 700 staff.
As I became a mother to twins, things had to change.
Beginning to work more from home, I realised the same dream I had before.
2009 saw a diagnosis of Crohns disease and coeliac (celiac) disease.  It had taken years of illness (endometriosis,  infertility, amenorrhoea, ear infections, deafness, upset stomach, candida,  fatigue, IBS) to get  to a place where I could finally realise what it feels like to be human again.  A change of diet was all it took.  That and determination.
Having struggled to lose weight previously and keep it off I really wanted to help to teach others what I had learnt.  Change what you eat and become more healthy.  Sounds simple.
I began to work for Weight Watchers.  Helping others was fantastic.  Yet I realised that so often people want more than just a diet.  They want to be listened to.  They want motivation.  To be held accountable.
I am still passionate about teaching others the value of their own health to enable them to love life more.
Food intolerances and allergies undiagnosed can cause misery for many. Sadly with unhealthy options available these days we don’t always make the best choices. Coaching and planning can help to regain a better sleep pattern, lose weight, stop tummy issues, even issues you may feel are unrelated such as hay fever or ear infections. Anything recurring can often be helped with a nutritional food plan in place.
Making those choices in the first place is not always easy and getting the right help is key to setting off on the right foot into health through nutrition.
Helping others discover better health and therefore quality of life through good nutrition.
After personal experience of my own and helping others for the past few years to improve their own health and get to the bottom of issues, I have taken the first steps into becoming a registered nutritionist.
As a qualified chef, creating tasty dishes for all types of health issues is a pleasure and I help online friends by documenting such recipes on my blog and on Youtube.
Helping one to one via internet or in person for those local to me is a great pleasure.
Also able to come into companies to highlight the health improvements staff can make by positively making lifestyle changes either in group sessions or individual.
As well as turning my life around and now on the path to helping others, I have a lovely life as a mother to twins and my lovely little dog Harley (shih tzu).  We live in Kent, UK.
I love to travel as you will see from my Vlogs around the world.

Currently doing lots of pilates as I deal with a back injury (3 bulging discs) and when I can, I’m a keen dancer.
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