Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Food Matters Live 2017

Yesterday saw an exciting day in my nutrition world.  
The excel centre, London, host to Food matters Live.  

A Myriad of colours to feast my eyes on in the food department and some beautiful stands too.  Great graphic design and marketing designs.  Blew me Away!

Having never visited before I was excited and unsure what to expect.  In my years as a salon consultant, I visited the Excel for Hairdressers Journal international and Salon international

Which occupied the entire one side of the building.  So, being me, I proudly (efficiently having printed my ticket already) walked up to the person with the bar code scanner to enter the room.
"Wrong show, you need S2."  Opps.  This one was still medical so I guessed that would be us.
Yet I soon figured out (especially after bumping into my old dietetics lecturer) that this is sort of less medical and kind of more for industry.  Lots of 'free from' and 'vegan' and natural products.  For me, that leads to health anyway, especially the free from stuff.  Have you tried eating foods you have an allergy or intolerance to?  Hmm.  Say no more!

Well let me say, I was blown away by the seemingly simple things I learned, such as how vegetables and fruit can be used as a natural food colouring, how so many people have the balls to launch into an industrial kitchen and get their products out there in places like Planet Organic and Holland and Barrett.

The Exhibitors gladly shared their stories of business with me and I'm overwhelmed at how excited both them and I became while chatting about this.  

Since the show, I have been giving lots of thought to all I absorbed.  Please keep watching as I will share details of such companies through this blog and my youtube channel and let you have a look at their products and website links etc. 

My passion for all things health and wellness through food is exactly back where it needs to be thanks to these exhibitions.  I'm fired up and ready to go into the future of my research and dissertation!


Thursday, 2 November 2017

Eating well while travelling

My passion is travel.

Occasionally this can be a little tricky when you are dealing with food intolerances, allergies and sticking to a diet!  So how do you eat well while travelling?

For me, when I was first diagnosed with Crohns I took to the specific carbohydrate diet.  It helped me more than I could have ever imagined.  Now I am better than I was I have relaxed my diet a lot but I'm still so happy to see more and more places abroad (especially the all-inclusive hotels) showing choices for people like me.
Over the next couple of years I will be documenting my findings on this blog and my youtube page to show how simple a few tweaks can be.  Often in Europe there will be offers such as soy milk on offer at breakfast.  While there is not often gluten free bread available, it is possible to get to the local shop purchase some and take a slice or two to breakfast.

Beware of crumbs from usual gluten containing toast if you are using the toaster available though! This is important.  Especially if you have a severe allergy.  Ask the staff if you can get it toasted in the kitchen, explaining how important it is not to allow cross contamination!

Let me know where you would like to see me review.  I'm excited to share more and more exotic places with you!

Well done Nestle. 


Saturday, 7 October 2017

Why you struggle to lose weight!

I have figured it out.  I'm not the first one to figure it out but I have researched and researched and I am now very confident I can help you.

It's late here and I want to get the answers right.  So please, bear with me, make sure you have signed up to receive my blog posts to your inbox and I will share this information with you so super soon.


Saturday, 29 April 2017

York test food intolerance testing

Are you looking for some answers to better health?  Feeling as though you could feel better yet can't find the answers?

Many this test will help you like it's helped me.  See this test here as I test myself!

Monday, 17 April 2017

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Back on the KETO diet!

You heard me right.

Keto diet is a tough one but works for so many.  So what it is you hope for from eating the right way?
For me, it's weight loss as well as health.  I need to watch this darn crohns.  Soon as some tummy noises begin to rumble, I know I need to watch what's going on.

Just 3 days in and already my blood glucose level is down from 6.3 to 5.4 (a way to go but still amazing) and while I do feel a little sleepy (it's that time of year at university) I'm feeling so much better.

Best of all, I'm in control.

Reading Rob Wolf  heavily documented Wired To Eat, plus the looming holiday (bikini time yikes) I'm feeling so super charged up!

Who's with me?


Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Can't lose weight? Get healthy first

Do you find it a struggle to lose weight?  Maybe you need to get healthy first...then the body will do its thing!

Planning your summer weight loss. How much weight can you lose?

Who is with me? I want to lose some weight for the summer.... see if you think this might be an easy thing to do?
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