Thursday, 8 September 2016

Why I could gladly give up on nutrition!

Yes,  you can tell by the title of this blog post I am sick to the back teeth.

Trying to get things right.  The politics of the whole nutritionist verses dietitian does my head in!

Recently there was a show on the BBC called "Clean eatings dirty secrets".  It has hit the headlines all over the place.  The internet is crawling with opinions about this show.  The host was a blogger who interviewed other bloggers and youtubers and then went on to speak to those with PhD in nutrition etc.  There is no comparison in these two types due to the way it was edited.  Which makes me mad!

In actual fact, looking at it from my usual positive angle I will see it like this: anyone who is interested in food in relation to health should all be batting for the same team.


Doctors infuriate me with their answers of 'take this pill' or 'have this surgery' when both nutritionists and dietitians both believe a lot of health can be improved through diet.  I agree!!!
Anyone who is aware of their body, How it reacts and all in relation to food must, in my opinion, be credited for the fact that they are paying attention to getting to the root cause of the issue and not just putting a sticking plaster over the issue.

A dietitian who I had previously had the utmost respect for (who I watch on YouTube) made a grave error when referring to nutritionists.  She said as they are not regulated, they can say pretty much anything they like.  Now, yes this is true I guess.  Dietitians are regulated by the BDA in the UK and therefore have to play by certain rules.  One of the 'rules' is tell folks not to skip breakfast.  Yet many people believe fasting for several hours works for them.

How can that be? 
Yes, it can be.  If that is what the person believes, then likely that is what will make them feel better. 

Can't go without a coffee in the morning?  Likely you could, but you have the belief it will help.  Yes, me too.  So I enjoy that coffee without guilt of any type!

The truth is that the degree that both dietitians and nutritionists take is exactly the same course!  Yes you heard me.  It has the Same curriculum.  Except, the dietitian course is one year longer as there is much hospital placement work.  This is a truly valuable experience for those who are going to work in the NHS. This is with very sick people who often cannot swallow or digest food as opposed to someone like me who is Celiac and needs to watch certain food intakes due to allergy.  Perhaps that is not the best example to use but I think you can see my thinking. 
Many doctors will not believe in food intolerances.  You try telling someone with a food intolerance that their thinking is total nonsense.  Rubbish.

Where this left me was in a place of feeling worried and angry.  Worried about writing about nutrition anymore.  Angry because I felt my degree (which is crazy hard work) was being ridiculed.

I want to help people.

So do the dietitians.

As do those who believe eating loads of bananas will help, as do those who avoid meat, those who suggest paleo...the list goes on.

Surely, if you try one (any) of these methods and it works for you, the party poppers will come out?

I would love to keep passing on my knowledge and moreover I would love to install the belief in people that they can make a difference in their lives by taking more time and paying more attention to their bodies.

Should I throw in the towel?


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