Friday, 30 September 2016

What food should you be eating?

The million dollar question.

What should you be eating?  What will suit your body?  Should we all eat the same and follow the same rules?

Great question. It seems few, if any, have the answer.  I don't; that's for sure.

Using my own health and body as an experiment I have been up, down and sleepy all at the same time! Just as I seem to find one answer, another health issue crops up.  Yet there are positives, there do seem to be a few consistent pieces of advice.

Drink water

We all know this one don't we.  Frequently I can be found guilty as not drinking the recommended 2 litres per day.  Yet seldom do you see one diet plan or piece of advice that suggests ignoring water.
So do it.  And see.  

Track your food

A few gurus say just eat.  A few say you can control your weight with your mind.  Whatever you do with your mind, nothing happens without action being taken.  Without tracking your food you are unlikely to be mindful of what is likely to go on in your body.  I always recommend to all clients as a great app to pop every single thing that goes into your body on.  You can log weight too! More about that in another post. 

Without tracking you are likely  to eat 'imaginary' or 'invisible' food.  You know, the type that you will away from your hips  - playing make believe that you ever ate that in the first place!

Of course, this is not all about weight loss.  Should you have some symptoms or other, tracking is a fantastic way to keep an eye on what is making you feel really quite lousy.  As an example, I had gone hard and fast keto lately to aim to bring blood sugars down.  It hasn't been working and I have been feeling terrible.  Working with my Dr to see if this is something else or if indeed I need to change my diet, tracking has helped amazingly.

Should you prefer pen and paper, get a jazzy book (small one to fit in your bag) and carry it along with you.

You're welcome :)

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